OnsiteConference is an umbrella company for a variety of related E-Learning subsidiaries providing specialized education to businesses and consumers. Founded in 2001, to bring telephone conferences to bankers, and ushering in the now ubiquitous webinar, OnsiteConference has grown it's customer base to include almost all of the largest financial institutions and corporate treasurers in the U.S.

Today, our programs focus on first-sale introductions in the financial services B2B arena.  We solve the problem of finding new customers.  Most senior account executives are adept at business and relationship development, but dread cold calling for new business.  

OnsiteConference has been solving the cold calling problem for over a decade. Our online business conference model, created a webinar sales paradigm in financial services.  But our model is to step ahead of the curve, which is critical in any sales environment.  

We've now refocused on the personal introduction model.  Successful sales people have relied on personal introductions and referrals since sales began, but today, customers can be anywhere on the planet, totally disconnected from each other, making referrals difficult and impossible.  

OnsiteConference capitalizes on the personal contact database of our founder, to leverage access to senior executives throughout the financial services community.  We guarantee a direct connection to the senior decision maker at every major financial services company in the U.S (and some foreign markets). 

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